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Benezet and Associates Roofing is competent in offering the best roofing service whether you need a tiny leak repaired or a complete roof replacement. We will work till you are completely happy! We want to be your personal roofer for life, no matter where you live. We prioritize your requirements. Our expert roofing services will provide you peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

After protecting your property, we’ll start removing your old roofing to prepare a clean slate for your new shingles. Aside from ice damming, we’ll erect water barriers and guard sheets to avoid leaks. We’ll next install your lovely new roof and clean up the worksite.

Local Roof Service for Repair or Replacement

We treat your house as if it were our own. We will offer you our best effort, from basic maintenance to sophisticated tasks like locating a leak. Call us now for a free estimate if you are worried about the condition of your roof.

The cost of roof repair and replacement varies. Many people neglect their roof’s integrity by failing to properly maintain it and inspect it on a regular basis for damage. You can save money and time by detecting roof problems early. Benezet Roofing is a Lexington are roofing contractor.

The roof isn’t something most homeowners think about until there are issues with it. For the most part, homeowners are unsure of what symptoms indicate that their roof requires maintenance or replacement. There are a few things concerning roofs that every homeowner should be aware of, including how to spot problems with them.

Water Leaks and Damage

Roof damage is almost always caused by water. Water can leak underneath broken or cracked roof shingles or tiles and damage the substructure. The harm that results when water gets into the foundation materials can happen very quickly. It only takes one heavy downpour to devastate a home’s structure with enough water to cause issues like mold, mildew, sagging timber, and even roof collapse.

Roof materials (such tiles, shingles, or shakes) should be in good condition to avoid water damage and leaks. As quickly as feasible, replace any damaged or missing components. Because it connects the roof to other structures like the chimney, metal flashing helps keep water and damp out. Flashing is prone to bending and flexing, which can compromise the roof’s seal and make it subject to water damage. To attach the flashing to the roof materials and the structure they support, use a rubber-based caulk.

Broken Shingles and Damaged Flashing

After some time, some roofing materials will tent or bend, leaving the materials underneath vulnerable to the elements. Incorrectly installed shingles or flashing, or flashing that weakens with time, expose the rest of the roof to the elements. Tented shingles can readily be blown off the roof by the wind, leaving the foundation components exposed. As shingles and flashing get older, they are more likely to develop cracks, resulting in small holes in your roof. Broken shingles or flashing might be difficult to spot from a distance, so a closer look is necessary to notice the issue. Roofing Contractor Lexington Ky

Cheaper roofing materials will distort after a few years in the intense heat, which can be a particular problem in warm areas. The most vulnerable roofing material is asphalt shingles, which bend easily in hot weather and are easily blown away by strong winds. Heat and wind-resistant roof materials like clay or slate tiles make up the majority of roofs in hotter regions.

Roofing Debris Collection

Because of their forms, roofs tend to collect debris. When it comes to collecting debris, the valleys between the roof’s angles are prime locations. Many forms of material can be found on rooftops, including pine needles, tree leaves, branches, and even trash. When it comes to pine needles, the sap they contain might spill onto the shingles, causing an unsightly mess. To avoid staining the roof, do not leave the needles on it for an extended period of time. Insects and scratches to the roof’s materials might be spread by leaves and branches.

It is critical that you inspect your roof on a regular basis for any symptoms of damage or malfunction. The replacement of flashing or a few shingles on the roof is a simple repair that anybody can accomplish. An expert roofer can help you with repairs if you don’t know how to do it yourself. You can save hundreds of dollars in roof replacement expenses by having a modest repair addressed early. If you are looking for a roofing contractor near you, feel free to give us a call.