Benezet & Associates Construction Services was established in 2008 by Christopher J. Benezet. Since then Benezet & Associates has worked on many residential and commercial construction projects not only in Lexington, Kentucky but all over the United States from Denver, Colorado to Green Bay, Wisconsin and more. We’ve grown from a small business in 2010 to a large residential and commercial construction and property management firm. In the commercial construction sector we’ve worked with some of the nations largest retails such as Tony Roma’s Steakhouse, Lucky’s Market, Tempur-Pedic and Furniture Warehouse. In the residential sector we’ve worked in some of Lexington, Kentucky’s most prominent communities from the always desirable Chevy Chase and Ashland Park neighborhoods to Hartland and Andover and more.


Here at Benezet & Associates we pride ourselves on affordable, timely, quality craftsmanship in both residential and commercial construction services. It is our mission to approach each and every project with the utmost attention to quality, minute detail, timely completion and stellar customer service.

At Benezet & Associates Construction Services, our goal is not only to meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them by delivering a cost-effective and reliable service that we will stand behind. We strive to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and clients.


Benezet & Associates Construction Services offers a wide range of services.

Project Management
Construction Management
Design & Engineering