Residential Construction and Remodeling Lexington and Central Kentucky


Benezet & Associates Construction Services specializes in residential remodels, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and new residential construction services in Lexington, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship, reliability, and fair pricing with a commitment to quality customer service, efficient and competent project management, and acute attention to detail no matter the scope or scale of the project. Please view some examples of our work in residential construction and remodels in the galleries below. Contact us for a free quote or call (859) 885-1692 to speak with Benezet & Associates Construction Services today.

Andover Condominium, Lexington, Kentucky

This project was a complete residential remodel of a condominium in the Andover area of Lexington, Kentucky.

634 Headley Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

634 Headley Avenue was a complete residential remodel in the West 6th Avenue area of Lexington, Kentucky.

435 Dudley Road, Lexington, Kentucky

435 Dudley Road was a complete residential remodel in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, Kentucky.

3640 Hartland Parkside Place, Lexington, KY

3640 Hartland Parkside Place was a complete kitchen remodel in the Hartland neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky.

345 Ridgeway Road, Lexington, Kentucky

345 Ridgeway Road was a complete residential remodel in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, Kentucky.

315 Dudley Road, Lexington, Kentucky

315 Dudley Road was a complete residential remodel with addition in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, KY.

230 Chenault Road, Lexington, Kentucky

230 Chenault Road was a complete residential remodel in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, Kentucky.

1410 Cochran Road, Lexington, Kentucky

1410 Cochran Road was a complete residential remodel in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, Kentucky.

141 Victory Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

141 Victory Avenue was a complete residential remodel in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, Kentucky.

Benezet and Associates Lexington, Kentucky Construction Company 


In the construction industry, a contractor is someone who offers to supply goods or execute services for a charge. If you decide to hire a contractor to work on your house, you must take certain precautions. How do you choose the best contractor? This may be accomplished in a variety of ways. How can you find a prescreened contractor in your area among remodeling companies? You might also ask friends and family members who have just finished a project to suggest a contractor. Look for a contractor in your area builder association.

If the contractor gives references, contact them and inquire whether or not the prior customers were pleased with the service and would use him again. You should also be explicit about what you want accomplished.  When choosing a contractor, keep the following criteria in mind. Having three separate quotes, for example, provides you additional possibilities. Make careful to compare quotes and only work with somebody you feel comfortable with. A formal contract outlining the contractor’s start and end dates is required.

Check the contractor’s insurance, bonding, and license.

Many people are unable or unwilling to do home repairs or modifications because they lack the necessary skills or time. In any event, choose a qualified contractor. The issue is, what qualities should one look for in a contractor, and how can one be certain they are a good fit? Before choosing a qualified contractor, here are some questions to ask.

Choosing a Well-Established Construction Company

Before hiring, find out how long a firm has been in business. Choose a well-established firm to prevent unanswered complaints. Examine a contractor’s license in the state where the work will be done. To learn more about licensing requirements, contact your state’s building department or consumer protection agency. If your state requires it, always request to see a contractor’s license.

Before beginning any work, check with your contractor to see whether a permit is required. In certain circumstances, a homeowner may be punished if they do not get all required permissions. Address this early on if you or the contractor is in charge of obtaining approvals.

Always request the supervisor’s name as well as the names of the members of the construction crew.  After you’ve met the supervisor, inquire about their personnel. Before permitting them to work on/in your property, check their dependability. Do they require keys? And, if so, you must be certain that they are trustworthy in the presence of your family and/or children.

Professional contractors should be insured for liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation. Prior to beginning work, all insurance certificates must be sought and verified. A contractor who is unable to provide this documentation may be held liable for any injuries or damages experienced on the work.  Before choosing a contractor, look into his or her references. This is critical in addition to providing you a picture of their work ethic and results. Then get everything written down, signed, and notarized by both parties. All parties should keep a copy of the agreement on file.

Home Construction and Residential Contracting Services

Everyone aspires to own a home. The typical person’s first home purchase is likely to be their largest lifetime investment. If you’ve been considering purchasing a property, now is a fantastic time to do it.  A house created by you will be one of a kind on your block. Find out why you should choose Benezet and Associates Lexington Ky Construction Company

There are several aspects to consider while shopping for a new home. First, consider your financial status. Are you sure you can afford it? Create a budget and seek the advice of a financial counselor. In addition, your adviser will assist you in developing a monthly budget. Assume that unexpected expenses will occur.

Following that, establish your family’s needs. Make a list of your basics first, followed by a list of your preferences. The first step in choosing a good parcel of land is to decide on the characteristics of your future home. Do you prefer city or country life? Is it a newer or older neighborhood? Take your time comparing. Don’t make a hasty buy. A house that your family will like will provide you great joy.

Following the purchase of land, the next stage is to choose a house design. Most respectable building contractors demand a detailed plan. These plans may be created for you by a building facility or a website. Your local authority may seek a copy of your house designs in order to get construction permits and authorizations. Your building permit should include a building inspector to ensure that your home complies with all municipal regulations. Inspecting the building of your new house is a terrific method to gain advise from a builder.

Before you begin construction, be sure you have enough insurance. Injuries on the job site might cause projects to be delayed. You may also need the services of a project manager. As a result, someone will be in charge of supervising the work and ensuring that it is finished correctly. When the surveying is completed, your excavation may begin. Your new home is now officially under construction.

Kitchen Remodeling and Construction – Countertops

Granite is a popular natural stone due to its classic beauty and durability. Granite is also the most durable and dense stone. It can create a scratch-resistant kitchen countertop that outlasts other materials. Despite the fact that granite slabs are the most expensive of all countertop materials, their longevity makes them a popular option.

Most kitchens will outlive this gorgeous natural stone. However, acidic foods such as orange juice may damage the smooth surface of a marble kitchen countertop, making maintenance pricey.

Slate is often used for kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks, and fireplace surrounds. It pairs well with marble in both modern and traditional kitchens. Slate is a tough and robust stone. less expensive than marble.

Concrete is the newest trend in kitchen countertops. This style benefits modern, industrial, and clean kitchens. Parts may be pre-formed or poured and shaped on-site. Counters of unusual forms function nicely in concrete. Concrete kitchen counters need the use of a sealant. The countertop may crack if the concrete compresses. Concrete may be colored. Natural gray is the most popular color. It is optional to finish the top layer.

Corian was a solid surface material popular in the 1990s. Experts in kitchen countertops highly advise you to do so. It is a non-porous, man-made material. It may be easily repaired if it is damaged or burned.

Stainless steel is not only hygienic, but it is also incredibly durable. Stainless steel may be useful in a contemporary kitchen. Stainless steel has certain downsides, including noise and scratching.

Tile – Tile is a beautiful and long-lasting surface that can resist hot pans. Some of the most common types of tiles include ceramic, porcelain, quarry, glass, natural stone, and mosaic. There are a variety of colors, sizes, and textures to choose from. It’s an adaptable designer. Tile is often used for trim and backsplashes. The grout in tile is easily discolored, which is a drawback. Tiles that have been chipped or shattered are also conceivable.