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Roofing Contractors Near Me


Since Kentucky is known for its unpredictable weather, many residents are debating whether to upgrade their current roof system or not. When it comes to protecting one’s biggest investment, a broken roof is a must-do repair for any homeowner. On the surface, replacing a roof appears to be a simple task with limited possibilities. Before embarking on a job of this magnitude, a homeowner should think about a number of factors. You should take your time considering all of your alternatives because this is the last time you will replace the roof on your current home. Note: If you are looking for a roofing contractor near Richmond, Nicholasville, Georgetown, Versailles, Frankfort, and surrounding areas call (859)-219-0295.

There is no uniform pattern on architectural shingles, thus it will have a more personalized appearance. Architectural shingles are available in a variety of styles and colors, including slate, cedar shake, and other realistic-looking materials, such as slate or wood shake, but with the dependability and durability of an asphalt shingle. Specialty shingles are designed to endure longer than ordinary Architectural shingles, and as a result, many of them come with even longer product guarantees.

In order to provide the appearance of three smaller shingles, 3-tab shingles have two slots cut into the bottom edge. 3-tab shingles feature a distinct, repeated pattern when viewed from the top of the roof. In order to provide the appearance of more thickness and texture when viewed from the ground, architectural shingles (also known as “dimensional” or “laminate” shingles) have an additional piece of shingle laminated to them.

If your roof has a short pitch (less than 20 degrees), the shingle style will have little impact on the appearance of your house. The color of the shingle will be the most noticeable aspect from the ground up. As a result, a 3-tab shingle is an excellent option for roofs with a short pitch. For homes built after 1980, a steeper pitch roof is more likely to be a dominant architectural feature. In this situation, the shingle pattern will stand out prominently, and your roof may be the first thing onlookers see as they approach your home from the street. Architectural shingles are better suited to roofs with a greater degree of pitch.

Roof Spots and Fungus

It’s possible that those dark spots on your roof are caused by fungus. Those spots are caused by a fungus that has been spread through the air. To attract this fungus to your roof, look for these characteristics:

– Wet or humid areas

High-shade regions (typically northern exposures or under trees) The good news is that an algae inhibitor (usually copper granules) is now included in many shingles, which will help keep your new roof free of this nasty fungus for many years to come.

A roof system installation involves more than just fastening shingles on your rooftop, as you may have surmised by now. How well does the contractor explain the process? Will the present roof shingles be removed first? Will they leave the area neat and tidy when they’re finished? What kind of underlayment will you be using? In the valleys, what will be put in place? A professional contractor will go over the entire process with you and explain each step along the way.

Warranty – If properly installed, a new roof system should endure for at least 20 years. Recently, manufacturers and roofing contractors have partnered to offer warranty plans that give homeowners peace of mind for the life of their new roof. This is great news for homeowners. Roofing issues are quite unusual, but when they do arise, they may be both time-consuming and costly to address. Both material and faulty installation should be covered by a solid warranty program