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Roofing Companies Nicholasville Ky


Nicholasville is the county seat and home rule city of Jessamine County, Kentucky, in the United States. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Nicholasville was 28,015 people, making it the state’s 11th-largest settlement.

Nicholasville has had substantial expansion during the late twentieth century, with the population increasing by 380 percent between 1970 and 2010. The city serves as a residential region for commuters from the Lexington area as well as an employment and shopping center for central Kentucky.

Roofing shingles can be found in a wide range of forms, colors, and patterns, depending on the manufacturer. However, there are only three primary shingle (or tile) types found on every given roof. This article discusses the three main varieties of roofing shingles and tiles that are available on the market these days. The categories of products are all that we’re discussing; individual products aren’t even mentioned. Roofer Lexington Ky.

Quality Roofing at Reasonable Prices

Our objective has always been to please our clients by providing them with a quality roof at a reasonable price only when roof repairs were no longer an option. If your home has been destroyed by harsh weather, we can even cooperate with your insurance carrier. When it comes to analyzing the current state of your roof, you can always rely on Benezet Roofing to provide you with an unbiased judgment.

Things to Think About When Replacing a Roof

If it’s time to replace your roof, here are a few things to think about:

Roof Replacement Price:

The cost of roof replacement and repair services varies based on the extent of the job. We can assist you through the process of replacing or repairing your home roof.

Roof Replacement Alternatives:

Discuss your roof replacement alternatives with us ahead of time, and we’ll assist you in determining what would work best for you.

The Roof Replacement Procedure:

It takes time to replace a roof properly. Our professional crew has learned over the years how to repair a roof while causing the least amount of inconvenience to your daily life.

What exactly is a roof replacement?

The removal of the previous roofing system and replacement of the decking, underlayment or membrane, and roof cover materials constitutes a full roof replacement. You may also replace your roof by installing a new underlayment system and roof cover materials over an existing roof, but only if the present roof system is in good shape and can sustain the weight of the extra materials. 

What You Can Expect

We will obtain the required permits and schedule a time to begin working on your roof after a comprehensive assessment of your roofing system and your approval of our replacement estimate. Despite the fact that your land will be converted into a temporary worksite, we will make every effort to keep the area tidy and safe.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

If your roof’s integrity or usefulness has been affected, merely repairing it may not be the best solution. Among the situations that necessitate a new roof are:

Leaks or drafts that are excessive or constant

Mold or decay is present.

Roof cover materials in poor condition

Inside the structure, there are stains or mold on the ceilings and walls.

Excessive utility bills

Attic Water Leaks


Free Onsite Roof Estimate and Consultation

We arrange for our estimator to visit you and provide you with a free onsite estimate and consultation. We individually measure each roof before providing a personalized estimate because no two are similar. Our typical roof replacement estimate includes tearing the roof down to the deck, fixing any bad roof decking (at an extra cost), and putting underlayment and shingles. We also replace all chimney step and counter flashing, pipe boot flashings, and box vents.

We supply our “customer roofing information” document to assist you to prepare for the roofing procedure, and we’ll provide you an approximate timetable for scheduling after you decide to engage us and sign our proposal or tell us by email. After that, you’ll pick a shingle color and style. We plan the job within a mutually reasonable timeframe after shingle selection. If you have a certain day in mind, we will do our best to accommodate you, weather permitting.

An asphalt shingle roof, when built by a skilled contractor, may provide many years of protection for your home. Asphalt shingles are cost-effective, long-lasting, and come in a range of shapes and colors. Manufacturers have recently created shingles that look like slate, tile, and cedar shakes, which are more expensive materials. Asphalt shingles may be just what you’re searching for if you’re in the market for a new roof.

Before collecting your money, we undertake a final examination on the work that has been completed. We strive to leave your yard as clean as we found it as part of our service. We realize the importance of your property and want to leave it as clean as we found it.