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Areas south of Todds Rd and east of Man O’ War Blvd, known as Andover Hill, are part of the Andover Neighborhood Association Inc. A nine-person Board of Directors oversees the operation of the organization. Lochmere Development Corporation was responsible for the construction of Andover Hill. In 1995, the homeowners’ association was passed from the developer to the residents, along with the obligation for maintaining common spaces. The shared spaces are maintained by the yearly association fee.

Some of these sites are the junctions of Andover Village Dr and Todds Rd, Gingermill Ln and Forest Hill Dr, and the shoulder area along Todds Rd immediately west of Andover Village Dr, as well as entrances and different stone structures around the community. There is a piece of the old golf and country club land that now belongs to the common area that was bought by the Association in 2018.


If you don’t want to undertake all of the more difficult work yourself, you should hire a roofing contractor to complete the job. Because of its durability and design versatility, metal roofing is a popular choice for commercial and industrial roofs.

If you need a cost estimate for roof repair, give us a call to schedule a free inspection. Before committing to hire a roofing contractor, ask them a few questions. This will save you money and time. “When do I have to pay?” is an important question to ask. “How long does it take to install a roof?” and “How long does it take to build a roof?” To assess the quality of service, inquire about the shingles they use, the company’s history, and other key indications.

Before You Hire a Roofing Company

Before hiring a roofing contractor, it is important you ask a lot of questions. You must be very cautious while choosing a contractor and choose the right man for the job. Quality is our number one goal, and we understand that the construction process can be difficult and even confusing at times. Every family should be able to live in a home with a good roof over their head. Search google for roofing contractors in your area. Find out how long they have been in business and what clients have to say about them on google and various review sites.

It’s critical to find a contractor who will do the job well the first time, without cutting corners. Do you use staples or nails to hold things together? Insist on nails at all times. Make that the contractor uses nails that are long enough to penetrate the decking. You should also insist on four nails for each shingle.

Roofer Expertise and FREE Roof Inspections

We provide free inspections and estimates to our customers and are happy to answer any concerns they may have about roofing. More importantly, we’ve been in operation for more than ten years, demonstrating our knowledge in this industry. When a significant weather event or storm occurs, even little roof leaks that go unreported might become a serious problem. Look for stains and water damage on interior walls and ceilings to determine if a leak has occurred.

Don’t overlook the value of communication; a roof repair specialist who is easy to communicate with is a good match. The correct solution will occasionally leap out at you. We recognize that no two jobs are alike. Please discuss your roofing philosophy, vision, and cost limits. We’re here to guide you through the procedure.

Benezet & Associates Roofing Services

Benezet & Associates makes home improvements straightforward, whether you need a roof replacement, gutter repair, or new siding. We start with a free consultation to learn more about your needs, followed by a thorough assessment. If we discover damage that requires an insurance claim, we will assist you in filing your claim at no additional charge. We perform your task on time and on budget thanks to our on-site quality control managers and trained crew. You can rely on us to make accurate repair or replacement suggestions. You need a roofing contractor you can trust when your roof has to be repaired.