Roof Repair and Roof Replacement Services Lexington Ky

Roof Repair Lexington Ky

Your roofing system will eventually sustain some damage due to natural causes. Whether or not they are apparent, these roofing issues are a pain in the neck and will result in you having to spend a lot more money in the future.  Benezet & Associates in Lexington, Ky is a roofing contractor that provides services to Lexington and surrounding counties in Central Kentucky. We provide free roof inspection along with expert installation.

Storm damage and roof leakage are both common roof replacement issues.

Roof leaks are an issue regardless of the material used to construct the roof. Roof leaks can be the result of improper installation of moisture barriers or other small things that were overlooked during construction. Continual neglect of your roof will eventually lead to roof replacement.

Whenever hail or wind causes roof damage in our region, we respond by going to the impacted communities and assisting homeowners in having their roofs repaired as promptly as possible. The only money homeowners have to pay out of pocket is their insurance deductible because we work with all insurers in the area.

Roof Repair Services and Natural Disasters

It is possible for a variety of factors to produce roof leaks. Hail damage during a storm, tree damage from fallen branches, damage caused by people walking on your roof, old worn-out shingles, cracked and sun damaged shingles…the list is endless. Roof leaks, on the other hand, are caused by faulty installation or defective metal flashing in 90 percent of cases. It is quite rare for the actual roofing product to fail.

It gives us great pleasure to deliver high-quality workmanship, straightforward communication, excellent customer service, and the finest workmanship and material warranties available in the business.

Inspection of Damaged Flashing and Gutters

Flashing can be found at any roof penetration region, such as chimney areas, step, apron, and valley areas, where roof angles come together in a sloping fashion. During a roof repair, it is vital to inspect the roof for any other damage that may have occurred that might have caused other difficulties. It is possible that the structure of your home may be weakened if leaks are not repaired since the building frame will continue to be exposed to moisture.

Unclogged gutters can contribute to the development of roofing issues. Water may overflow the rear of the gutter and seep along the walls and into the home’s interior. In addition, if the flue pipes inside a chimney are not correctly oriented, they might allow water to flow into the structure.

Replacing Missing Shingles 

In addition, improper roof shingle installation, which might result in shingles being fastened incorrectly, may necessitate further investigation. If there are any missing roof shingles, they will need to be replaced as well.

The importance of periodically inspecting one’s roof for damage and repairing it cannot be overstated. Most people choose spring because of the pleasant weather, as well as the fact that spring storms and strong rains force you to worry more about the integrity of your roof! Looking for a roof repair and replacement company? Give us a call today at (859) 219-0295

Providing a Variety of Roofing Solutions

No matter if you desire low-cost architectural asphalt shingles or cutting-edge metal, composite, or concrete roofing solutions, we can handle all of your residential roofing needs. We also provide a comprehensive range of commercial roofing installation services. Give us a call if you want unsurpassed customer service and the best quality craftsmanship.

Roof Repairs Done Wrong

When homeowners try to remedy problems on their own, or when your hired roofer uses inferior materials and those that aren’t designed for specific roof types, your roof could be permanently damaged. Repairing minor issues incorrectly will only make them worse.

As a result, as soon as you notice a problem with your roof, call your roofer so they can come out and take a look. To guarantee optimal use, repair products should follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.