Harrods Hills Roof Repair Near Me

Harrods Hills Roof Repair Near Me


Harrods Hill is a neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky, the United States that is located in the southwest corner of the city. It is bordered on the east by Harrodsburg Road, on the south by Man o’War Boulevard, and on the north and west by the Beaumont Center neighborhood. Harrods Hill is the older section, hence the boundary is determined by when development took place. For statistical purposes, Harrods Hill often includes the smaller Harrodsview neighborhood. Harrods Hill was built from the late 1970s to 1997.

Roofing Replacement Factors to Consider Failures

There are a number of factors that go into the cost of installing a new roof.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the cost of a new roof. Prior to providing an estimate, there are a number of factors to consider. A quote or an estimate could be derived from this data.

Considerations include:

In order to identify which materials are ideal for that area’s weather, the location of the house must be known. The question is whether it is for a new house or a re-roof.  To acquire the best pricing, you can then solicit bids from a number of contractors.

Is there anything we should be looking for before we see water spots on our plaster ceilings?

A: There are a number of markers, with age being the most crucial. It’s likely that your roof has to be replaced if it’s older than 20 years. Even newer roofs can fail, so it’s a good idea to inspect them at least once a year. A ladder, on the other hand, should not be used. Binoculars are more practical and safe, and most difficulties can be seen from the ground.

Look for shingles that are pulling up, cracked, or missing, that have curled edges, or that have smooth dark patches, all of which indicate that the protective granules have worn away. Also, check the underside of the chimney and the stack vent in the attic with the lights turned off on a sunny day. If you notice small pinhole spots of light, the flashing is shot—another clue that the roofing is in poor condition.

Is it necessary to replace an asphalt shingle roof?

Examine the underside of the roof sheathing for any new indications of water staining since the last inspection, as well as any soft or damp spots that occur after a hard downpour. If you have several of these problems, you should consult a roofer.

The Importance of a Roof’s Pitch

Which roof, with a high pitch or a shallow pitch, will endure longer, providing all other elements are equal (ventilation, shingle kind, climate, etc.)? Roof tiles should wear out faster on a steeply sloping roof because a steep hillside looks to deteriorate more quickly than a flat slope.

A: That’s a tough one. A steep roof, on the one hand, is less likely to collect leaves and other debris, which can trap moisture against the shingles and promote the growth of moss and algae. In an unshaded area facing due south, on the other hand, the same roof will absorb the full weight of the sun, which is difficult for any roof to bear.

Pitch has less of an impact on shingle durability than other aspects. The leeward side usually performs worse than the side exposed to harsh weather. A roof that isn’t properly vented and allows heat to build up beneath the roofing will also last less time than one that is.

Ice and Shield Protection

Because we have a serious leakage problem, we are getting a new roof. Ice and shield protection, metal flashing, or double rolled shingles are the finest underlayments for preventing leaks in my roof’s valleys.

A: First and foremost, have your roofers create an ice and water shield across the entire roof. This polyethylene-and-rubberized-asphalt barrier prevents water from escaping through the shingles and onto the ceilings below. The troughs should be concealed with metal flashing or weaving. I would also recommend two layers of ice and water protection on the lower part of the roof (along the eaves), around chimneys, and beside dormers.

Is it a Roof Scheme or a Roof Plot?

Roof leaks have occurred in my friend’s new 9,000-square-foot home. The caulk on her roof was the source of the problem, according to the roofing contractor and two painting contractors. They suggested she have it checked for cracks and potentially replaced every six months because the caulk isn’t particularly long-lasting. I’d never heard of this before, so I was interested if they were joking or if this was a real problem. A: I’m sorry, but it sounds like they’re attempting to dupe you. You should not need to caulk your roof if you have proper flashing. It’s time for a second opinion.

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Cutting and Shaping Roof Flashing 

A friend recently mentioned that a section of my roof’s “flashing” appeared to be in bad shape.  Professional roofers typically cut and shape their own flashing from sheet metal, however, the most common flashing components are pre-formed and can be easily joined with caulking or roof cement.

Depending on the shape of your house’s roof, you’ll most likely find it in the valleys, around the chimney and pipes, and around any dormer windows or skylights. Weathered and oxidized flashing, as well as flashing that has come free, show the most signs of deterioration.  Because of the risks, I never encourage anyone working on rooftops unless they are professionals or are familiar with the roof they are working on. If your flashing requires considerable work, consider hiring a contractor to fix it.